you don’t like boring

so i jumped off a cliff

but i left my heart

underneath the tree

where you first kissed


      am i still boring?

you said we looked better under the sun. i kept 
waiting for the weather to get better but you fell 
in love with the raindrops and with the sound of 
her voice under the rain

so i chased the sun away

i guess the rain will do
i brought an umbrella too
where are you?

i heard you sing through the plastic walls

but the song isn’t for me, it never was nor will be.

i’m begging you to stop singing.

(please stop singing)

citrus crush

you’re the punk rock band i can’t stand

why can’t i stop listening

somebody kill the drummer
i want out


there’s an empty space in the backseat of his car, i wish
it was for me

he smells like cigarettes and i can’t stop inhaling (breathing you in)

you’re still on the far side of the bed
come closer